Grammy Award Winning Recording & Mastering Engineer


James P. Nichols is an American recording industry executive producer and master engineer.


James P. Nichols has been a professional recording engineer and producer for over 50 years!

His experience extends to Film, Broadway, Live and Digital recordings. He has been nominated for many awards including the Grammys 6 times.


James P. Nichols served as a Film Applications Engineer at Dolby Laboratories for over a decade, specializing in the innovative Platform of
Dolby Atmos ®


At the prestigious Jazz at Lincoln Center, Mr Nichols was Chief Engineer of Live Streaming for the JALC orchestra


At Berklee College of music James P. Nichols has served as a Pro – Tools & Critical Listening Professor for three years.

In The Beginning. . .

James P. Nichols

With his experience with the Lynx Timecode Module, 
RCA Recording Studios hired him in 1984. The studios, whose history was in Broadway cast recordings, wanted to become a presence in large-scale orchestra film scoring in New York. RCA Recording soon became the major scoring stage on the east coast and there he was promoted to Master Engineer which led to his working as Scoring Engineer, Recording Engineer, and Mastering Engineer for Jazz, Broadway, and Classical products. One of his pinnacle works with RCA/BMG Studios was the recording, mixing, and mastering of the audio for the Motion Picture Malcolm X, by film director Spike Lee in 1992.

In 1996, after a previous three nominations, he won a Grammy Award for “Best Historical Recording” of “The Jascha Heifetz Collection”. Also in 1996 he moved on to Manhattan Center Studios, New York, as a producer/engineer. He completed several projects, including Ed Wood, starring Johnny Depp, and The Butcher Boy, featuring the music of critically acclaimed composer Elliot Goldenthal.

Major Motion Picture & Independent Film

Post Production Supervisor

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With a legacy of decades in superior audio engineering, honed through continuous exposure to cutting-edge technologies and guidance from industry experts spanning over half a century, James P. Nichols Consulting delivers the expertise needed for top-tier product quality.

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Leveraging expert proficiency in video capture and editing, J.P.N. ensures impeccable craftsmanship in film production and post-production supervision.

Dolby Atmos® Mixing

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